Old meets News

The practice of writing down one’s skill set and experience has been around for so long that the origins of the resume are not clear. History of the Resume is an interesting article that shows the modern resume dating back to feudal England. In today’s competitive, fast-paced society the importance of the resume has exploded. While it is ultimately the candidate’s ability to sell himself in the interview, it is the resume that must gain him that interview by setting himself apart from the competition. Traditionally, the content of the resume has been the sole focus of jobseekers when constructing a resume. However, social media has again changed something so deeply embedded into our culture.

The latest way jobseekers are setting themselves apart are through interactive, nontraditional resumes. The introduction of self-photos, video resumes, and hyperlinks have separated the creative and technologically savvy from the rest of the pack. The most important aspect of interactive resumes is that they have the ability to communicate without text the candidate’s knowledge of social media, ability to recognize its value, and to utilize it for personal advancement. A skill they will be able to apply to the job.

I found Mashable’s How To: Spruce up a Boring Resume really informative.

This is all well and good but the crafting of an interactive resume is a whole other story. Something I am currently learning. What to put  in, what to leave out. How to best create a theme and make it flow like the article suggests. Not to mention that you want to keep in mind the actual position you are applying for when constructing it. While I am far from done I have already found that my interactive resume truly does reflect my personality in that when in doubt I have followed one rule of thumb… less is more.


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