A Constant Learning Process

After sending out another batch of resumes last week I have interviewed with a couple really good companies and just finished a third interview with one (fingers crossed!). While this process has definitely taken longer than I initially foresaw, I am still happy that I chose to continue looking for a job that I enjoyed with a company I could learn and grow in rather than taking the outside sales job that was offered to me in the beginning.

I have learned a lot about myself along the way. In interviews potential employers ask you personality questions that force you to define yourself in short sound bites. They want to know what your strengths are, your weaknesses, how you describe yourself in three words, what conditions you work best under. This sounds like basic stuff, and it really is, yet it is not a way people tend to think about themselves in real life. Maybe the truth is that we rarely think about ourselves in quantifiable, concrete ways. From repeatedly being asked these questions and contemplating them in my own time as well I have a better understanding of the type of employee I will be and what I have to offer to the office environment of a company.

I am an outgoing, bubbly, people-person. I like a fast-paced, energetic environment. I tend to take the initiative and when I see something that needs to be done, I get it done. I do not prefer highly detailed direction. I like to be given a list or outline of tasks that I can then manage myself. My weakness is that I have no real, professional experience yet I am a fast learner and I intend to correct this sharp attention and listening skills.

I may not have landed a job yet but I am learning nevertheless. I am learning valuable skills about myself and what it takes to succeed. When I get a job, it will be these skills that I will employ that will allow me to be successful and to excel at what I do.


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