My Motivation

I recently graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in June 2011 with a double degree in Communications and History. Out of a graduating class of approximately 5,000 I was one of ninety to receive the Academic Excellence Award. During my four years at UCSB I worked at Nordstrom and held multiple internships including positions as a Marketing Assistant and an Account Executive. I have never considered myself a slacker or less qualified than my fellow classmates so when it came time to delve into the job market I was surprised to find myself unaware of what employers were looking for in ideal candidates and at a loss of how to find the perfect job.

It would have been easy to take a job as an account executive or sales associate making cold calls, I have actually been offered several already. However, I decided I am going to push harder to find a job that is more related to Market Strategy and Project Management because these are the positions I hope to work up too. I realize this will make my job search more challenging but that is what I want out of my career so it seems only fitting that my job search should entail the same elements.

As my journey into and research on the job market became more in-depth I realized it would be beneficial to have a blog where I could easily review and share the important articles I have come across and what I have learned from interviews with others who might find themselves as lost as I was. With social media well on its way to becoming the most advantageous way for jobseekers to market themselves in unique, personalized ways I also believed that creating a blog might also assist my job search by giving prospective employers greater insight into who I am and what I have done.


Below is a short list of my personal motivations to push for the perfect job, and the people who support me in that effort:

  • After I graduated in June I traveled through Europe for a month with my two best friends from college and after getting home at the end of July I moved back home with my parents. While moving back in with my parents felt like I was taking a step backward in my life I am grateful I had the opinion to. By moving back home I was not forced to just accept any job in order to keep my bills paid. It has given me the freedom to make my search thorough and well researched. I can not thank my parents enough for the support they have given me.
  • That being said, a big motivation is that when I find a job I will be able to get a place of my own.
  • I am blessed to be surrounded by people to deeply love and care about me, and who I love back. My boyfriend, sisters, and parents have always supported and helped me to stay positive. I want to continue to make them proud of my accomplishments.
  • I don’t want to sound materialistic or shallow, but I enjoy nice things. I am highly motivated by the knowledge that I will be able to eat out more often, renew my gym membership, and treat myself to the occasion mani-pedi once I get a job. I have to add though, that I do believe having to live on a tight budget really does make you appreciate the good times more.



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