I wanted to make a place where all of the articles I have found helpful, educational, or interesting could be easily displayed and accessed. Here I will list articles with a short description as I come across them.

The Anatomy of a Social Media Crisis shows how many companies run into problems simply because they lack understanding of social media and how to employ it in a way that will benefit them. Listing off a couple of the suggestions in this article in an interview about ways you could immediately begin contributing to the company and you are looking pretty savvy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into an interview and rattle engagement stats comparing the company and the ideas you have to make their stats better than their competitor’s (or maintain their market share if they are already the best)? This new Analytics Tool for Engagement does just that!

5 Social Media Tips for Scoring Your Next Job has some great advice to give your online presence an extra boost. I especially liked 5. When employers see that you have tweeted and liked their articles, posts, pages, and whatnot not only does it show them that you have done your homework on the company but you are already helping to promote them. As a result of this article I created an account, check it out!

I was really excited when I read HOW TO: Find a job on Twitter and HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume because I have already done some of the things they suggest and I am definitely going to start incorporating more of their suggestions pronto. I just finished creating my VisualCV, it still needs a little editing but I at least have it up.


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